B2B Marketing
Conference 2018
ABM : Getting it right
and making it happen
7 & 8 November, London

Account-based marketing conference: Getting it right and making it happen

With over 400 delegates, last year’s sell-out B2B Marketing ABM Conference was our fastest selling event of all time.

This year you have the opportunity to get a 1 or 2-day pass. Day 1 on 7 November offers a day of in-depth ABM training. Day 2 on 8 November is when the event itself takes place.

For aspiring and rising ABMers alike, there are hurdles and challenges to be beaten, tactics, strategies, and ABM solutions to be embraced.

The Conference 2018 will show you how.

What’s included 2 day pass £999
(saving £100)
1 day pass £599
(Conference ticket)
Full day conference ticket for 8 November
Your choice of 1 of 2 full day training courses on
7 November:

Drinks and networking event
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  • Keynote
  • Breakout-A
  • Breakout-B
  • Breakout-C
  • Breakout-D
Leading industry speakers
Inspirational sessions
ABM-expert keynotes
Practical, engaging streams
Speakers at the 2018 account-based marketing conference include:
There’s so much energy and passion in the place, everything is relevant and really interesting.
Mike Avis
Head of ABM, Oracle
Coming here motivates you and puts you in a learning environment you wouldn’t normally get. Worth a day out of your business to learn and educate yourself.
Gareth Parker
Head of new marketing, Ricoh
The Conference is not vendor led – it’s about educating the B2B marketing community. The content’s always really good and there’s plenty of opportunity to network and share ideas.
Andrea Clatworthy
Head of ABM, Fujitsu
Absolutely recommend it. I was really impressed by the quality of the speakers. I thought the content was really relevant and future looking.
Annette Jensen
Director of global strategy, Widen Enterprises
If they're coming shouldn't you be too?

We are live in

B2B Marketing Conference 2018

Account-based Marketing: Getting it right and making it happen

Thursday 8 November, Puddle Dock, London EC4V 3DB

Please note the training day will be taking place on 7 November and at a different location to the conference.

Ticket prices:

1-day pass £599+VAT each. 

2-day pass £999+VAT

Find out more about a 2-day pass here.

Why this marketing conference is a must-attend event

Account-based marketing is transforming B2B marketing.

B2B brands and organisations doing account-based marketing right are achieving outstanding results:

  • 84% of marketers find account-based marketing provides significant benefits for retaining and expanding existing client relationships.
  • 97% say ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing methods
  • 60% of those who implemented an account based marketing initiative for a least a year attribute higher revenue to it.

Right now, most B2B businesses are either planning to launch or scale-up an ABM pilot or programme.

Bottom line? If you’re not yet on that ABM journey, the time is now.

The B2B Marketing Conference 2018 will feature real-world examples of winning account-based marketing campaigns, programmes and strategies, and including 25 expert speakers, this a must-attend event for any marketer embarking on ABM. Learn more.

The account-based marketing challenge

Getting ABM right means putting together a specific set of building blocks.

But building blocks can turn quickly into stumbling blocks. And ABM pilots and initiatives can quickly falter, stall or fail.

To anticipate these blockers and leap the hurdles, you need to hear right now from marketers who are already getting it right and making it happen: From client-side marketing leaders who are already on their ABM journey and can share with you their lessons, the successes, and their insights.

The B2B Marketing Account-Based Marketing Conference 2018 provides a day of practical learning from 25 experienced ABMers, around the key challenges you will face, including 6 keynotes and 8 breakout presentations focused on the different approaches that matter, from strategic, to ABM lite, to programmatic.

Plus our marketing conference delegates can accelerate their ABM learning by booking our 2-day ticket including a full day’s ABM training, and a marketing Conference ticket.